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Being Social, Go Viral

Earn Money With Your Videos

Being Social, Go Viral!

Get Paid For Any Fresh or Quality Video(s) By You

This is very easy online money making platform/Program for anybody who can make unique/Fresh and quality videos even with your phone camera.

Earn money with your video(s) just for viewing by other on YouTube. Being Social, Go Viral it’s kind of first and only program who is paying just for viewing videos even YouTube itself do not pay for view.

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How It Works


Send Us Your Unique and Fresh Video(s) .


Qualified Video Will Upload on Our YouTube Channel


Start Earning by Every Public View on Your Vedio

Income Possibilities With Your Each Video

Sr. No View Income (INR) Time Limit
1. 10,000 1000 1 Month
2. 1,00,000 10,000 6 Months
3. 1 Million 25,000 12 Months
4. 10 Million 50,000 18 Months
5. 100 Million 100,000 24 Months

Participation Fee

INR 100 for each video. (Refundable with your first payment).

We do not need this fees at all, but this is just for genuinely check so that only serious person with serious content get involve with us. We are getting hundreds of video, we need to check one by one each video and need to edit qualified video as per determined standards.

Terms and Conditions

1.   Video content should be fresh and unique, should not be copy or published anywhere.
2.   Once you upload any video to us that would be only our intellectual property and we will be free to use that according to our convenience.
3.   Do not use any copyright content it may cause rejection of your video without any notification.
4.   Video duration should be at least 30 minutes
5.  You/Participant need to claim earned/win money with complete reference and in time.
6.  Money will transfer to you by Bank Transfer / Cheque / or PayPal.
7.  We reserve the right of everything including changes of T&C and payment structure at any time without any notification.

“We love to capturing emotions, reactions & feelings”

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